Escape Rooms for Staff Development

Escape Rooms for Staff Development

Escape Rooms for Staff Development

If you don’t have an escape room for staff development in your office, that is okay. It would only work once for a single team anyway. Thankfully, you can use all the advantages of escape quest team building and professional development opportunities without having to plan and set up all the challenges by yourself.

Note that picking the nearest escape room location might not always be the best decision. Take your time to learn more about the available escape quests, the prices, and the additional services. Does the location provide several escape rooms to choose from? Does the organization has any experience with team building events? Are there particular terms for business clients? If the answer is “yes” to all of the questions, then you may want to make a call immediately and see if you need to get on the waiting list.

Professional Development with Escape Rooms

When someone talks about their last visit to an escape room professional development is not what first comes to mind. There are many courses, activities and annual events for boosting skills as well as helping the staff develop as professionals. But you’ll never hear about a person who managed to get to the top of academic of finance world by cracking escape rooms one by one.

The chess table in the middle of the room is only a minor puzzle element. To get out, your employees will have to solve many riddles together.

However, when it comes to professions where communications skills are vital, escape quests turn out to be useful tools. For a teacher’s professional development escape room experience is almost essential, and that is why:

If you plan on a big escape room event for your school or college personnel, please contact Quest Factor in advance so that we could advance the best escape quests for all your team building needs. We are located in Seattle, Shoreline and Redmond!