Unlocked Escape Room : Tips in Beating the Escape Room Quests

How to beat an escape room if you’re entering the challenge for the first time? If you really want to unlock the room, make sure the quest suits your team, and everybody has got something to do. Learn all the secrets and beat the game in minimal time!

The sound of escape rooms unlocked is the most satisfying for every person who ever participated in a real life breakout quest. After all, everything you do inside the room is bringing you closer to the main goal: finding the exit and getting out.

Some people who never visited a locked room before may ask: “Why would you want the escape rooms unlocked, if you could just not enter them in the first place?” But the most pleasure comes not just from the fact of getting out, but also from all the work you’ve done to make the daring escape possible.

Getting out of an escape room

How to Unlock Escape Rooms and Feel Great in the Process

It’s not uncommon for people who enter the locked room challenge for the first time to get overwhelmed by the whole experience. Everything is so new and exciting, and every little detail seems important. So it’s no wonder that the team full of first-time players doesn’t make it out in time, especially if they’ve chosen a difficult room.

However, if you’ve been an active escape for a while, yet the sound of escape rooms unlocked is still unfamiliar to you, follow our tips:

  • Make sure the team suits you well. The general rule is that the players who know each other succeed more than a team of complete strangers. That’s because if you don’t know each other, you’ll need to use some of your precious time in establishing bonds and getting to know how to communicate and be heard. Of course, you can completely ignore the social aspect and try to do everything on your own. And fail, because most of the challenges contain parallel puzzles and riddles where at least two players need to participate. Ouch.
  • Ignore the books and papers (for the most part). Escape rooms are often flooded with books, but don’t try to look for marks on the pages: if there are any, they have nothing to do with the quest. Old papers are just there to fill and make the place seem more real. If you ever need a book, you’re going to get a clue with the exact title, page and number of line. The only reason to search through the bookshelves is in order to check if any of the books is actually a book-shaped safe.
  • Do not do what everyone is doing. Remember the part about the parallel puzzles and riddles for several people? Escape rooms are not linear, there’s always lots of stuff to uncover. If everyone gathered around a single locked box, do not argue with anyone on how to open it. Try to find another puzzle or clue instead: that’ll help your team so much more.

Feel like you’re ready to unlock the room now? Try yourself at any of our escape room locations!