How Live Actors Add Colors to Puzzle Quests

There are two types of escape quests. The first type is the classic: players get locked in a room for an hour and have to solve various puzzles to find the final key to the exit. The team sets the pace for itself, and there’s no one around to aid in trouble, to offer a hint in exchange for something valuable, or to act as an obstacle and distract the players from focusing on the main goal.

Escape rooms with actors are not like that. Though they do have lots of classic puzzle elements, one of the most important parts of these quests are the performers. Live actors are hired to help the players feel immersion in the world they’re exploring, and they’re taking their jobs very seriously. They may try to intimidate you, give you a surprise scare or offer help when you’re stuck. One thing can be told for sure: they should never be ignored.

Live Actors Bring Escape Quests to Life

If you’ve never been to an escape room with live actors before, it’s easy to dismiss this type of entertainment. The devoted fans of classic escape quests tend to see challenges with actors as the easy versions of their favorite adventures. The presence of staff sets certain limitations, so there might be not so many complex logical puzzles as in other escape rooms. But as one door closes, the other opens – and so live actors bring new creative possibilities to the conservative genre.

Even the longest sword won’t protect you from the vengeance of the knights. Maybe you’ll find something to bribe them?

Here are just a few cases on how live actors make escape rooms more fun for everyone involved:

  1. They make the game more challenging. Yes, regardless of what you might have heard, actors can make your adventure harder. For example, they will block the entrance to the zone that you would reach without any problems otherwise. Or they’ll act like your enemies and catch the players who get too lazy or careless. Escaping from prison takes time, and you still got the whole main mystery to figure out!
  2. They make social puzzles possible. Did you know that human intelligence is just as important as logical thinking? If you think it’s not that big of a deal, then how about socializing with an angry human-eating ogre? Or maybe you know how to convince a vengeful spirit that it’s time to rest – and let go of the key to the treasury?
  3. They help with the pace. Let’s face it: nobody likes failing an escape room. Too often players lose not because the puzzles are too hard for them, but because they kept distracting, or didn’t regulate teamwork, etc. The actors can remind you that the clock is ticking without ruining the feeling that you’re a part of the big adventure.

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