How to Rob a Bank Without Getting Caught

How to Rob a Bank Without Getting Caught

How to Rob a Bank Without Getting Caught

That’s highly unlikely that any of our regular visitors come to a bank thinking “Oh, it would be so much fun to get locked in here and then try a daring escape”. Yet, bank escape rooms remain extremely popular. Teenagers and adults, families and couples: everybody just loves them:

The thing is, real life banks are boring. They’re all about accounting, and budget planning, and web security. But the banks we see in spy movies are completely different. They’ve got lasers everywhere, there are lots of original security system mechanics, and the main treasure is kept in a vault that looks like a modern-life dragon cave. And that’s exactly the type of banks modern players like to escape from.

What Are Bank Escape Rooms Like

While there certainly is an established genre, the possibilities are not by any means limited by it. Every once in a while, somebody comes up with a new clever story, or puzzle style, or plot twist, that completely turns everything around. You shouldn’t get too comfortable making your way through a bank escape room, even if you’ve made your homework and watched all the movies about bank robbery: there’s always something new that can catch you off-guard.

If you’re not up to surprises, it’ll be good to at least know the basic scenarios of the bank escape rooms:

If you like bank escape rooms, we invite you to participate in any of our escape room quests. Lots of fun and unforgettable impressions guaranteed!