Abduction in Quest Rooms: Is It Interesting

Abduction in Quest Rooms: Is It Interesting

Abduction in Quest Rooms: Is It Interesting

The idea of a kidnapping escape room isn’t entirely new, but there aren’t so many of them, so if you arrange one, it’ll totally be something unique. Players like to have a decent motivation for getting out, and the kidnapping scenario gives opportunity to truly feel the adventure.

How To Make A Kidnapping Escape Room

There aren’t any strict canons as the genre isn’t fully developed yet. Still, certain elements are important to this type of story. To create an entertaining quest about kidnapping, try to combine some of these creative decisions:

Now let’s look at an existing example of an escape room with kidnapping in order to see how this type of game can be successful.

Players search for clues in an escape room after being kidnapped.

Kidnapped! Escape Room Experience

The team is caught by a wanted criminal, a serial killer, who isn’t very discreet about his further plans. You understand that it’s time for everybody to get out and run, but the place is locked, and it’s hard to find anything useful just where you are. However, you have no choice but study the gloom surroundings and get everything that can help you and your team on your way out. Just be quick, as the psycho will return in only 60 minutes!

Brought by Portland Escape Rooms, this story combines all of the basics of a good kidnapping story, and adds some more substance to make it different. You can follow the footsteps, or try out something entirely new and succeed. Who knows, maybe you’ll even invent a totally new escape room genre! 
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