Do Escape Rooms Need a Storyline

If you find yourself in a locked room with no ways to communicate with the world whatsoever, and you know for sure the help won’t come for the rescue, and you’ve got pretty solid reasons to suspect something creepy it’s going on, then you know it’s time to escape.

Well, actually, the last part is not necessary. There are many other situations when you suddenly recognize that it’s time to escape. The only thing they have in common is that they make the escape room experience thrilling and exciting – and that’s why it’s important to pay attention to the theme of the quest you’re booking a ticket to.

Time to Escape: Most Popular Escape Rooms with Storyline

So, the only basic rule for this list is that the player must recognize at some point that, well, now it’s time to escape. We’ve also tried to keep it simple, so only the most loved and universally acclaimed escape room themes are presented. Here are the escape games that really make you feel like it’s time to escape:

  • Ghost escape rooms. Most players understand it’s time to escape the very moment they come in. And that’s not exactly surprising, as these escape quests are often held in locations reminding of haunted mansions, abandoned hotels and mysterious graveyards. No party here, so let’s skedaddle!
  • Bank escape room. It’s not that hard to understand that it’s time to escape if your pockets are full of stolen money. In bank escape quests, the first goal is usually to get your hands on the treasure. After you’ve managed to do it successfully, the alarm goes off and the whole team needs to find a new exit, as the one you used to get into became inaccessible. Think quickly!
  • Exploring the ancient ruins. So, you’re an archaeologist and your main goal is to study this place, right? Wrong: your research awakened some sort of ancient evil, and now it’s time to escape! Of course, it won’t be easy, as the angry spirit will do anything that’s in its power in order to stop you from getting away. Expect deadly traps, hidden buttons and many, many riddles involving encrypting codes.
  • Experiment gone wrong. That’s great if you’re a super smart scientist, but, sadly enough, your latest invention didn’t exactly work as planned, and now it’s time to escape your own lab. Do not get distracted by trying to save the paperwork on your discovery: if you make it out in one piece, it’ll be perfect already.

The time to escape comes… now! Visit our escape rooms to challenge your intellect and intuition in a real life escape game.