Dangerous Escape the Estate

Will you manage to escape the estate, or is the mansion challenge too difficult for you to solve? Try your best and make a daring escape from a themed locked room. Designs based on real life objects and layouuts are the best, aren’t they?

Being trapped in a real estate might not seem like a bad thing, especially if that’s a beautiful luxury place with plenty of servants and lots of rooms to spend your time in. Private library, indoor pool, TV room… some people would even pay just to stay in such a place for a couple of weeks and forget about the difficulties of modern everyday life.

But imagine that you’re locked in the building not because you wanted it, but because you were kidnapped. Or you just visited a friend, when suddenly the doors of the manor closed, all the servants disappeared, and you have no idea how to leave the place. Or… maybe you’ve entered the property because there was something valuable inside. But the time for finding the item and getting out is limited; also, it’s not that hard to guess that the owner won’t be very happy when he gets to know somebody’s trying to steal from him…

Does it sound like a movie plot to you? That’s no wonder, as many of estate escape rooms have complicated plots to back up the setting. Now it’s time for you to escape the estate on your own – and make it in sixty minutes, or it’ll be too late!

Amazing Quests of Real Life Estate Escapes

When you’re trying to escape the estate, it’s important to remember that things might become complicated if you don’t plan everything up ahead. Just like in actual real life mansions, estate escape rooms often have:

  • High tech security system. Even if the rooms have a nice classic touch to them, there’ still high probability you’ll have to deal with computers, lasers and security cameras. That’s just how everything works nowadays.
  • Classic riddles and cipher puzzles. Maybe the owner of the mansion doesn’t trust all these high-tech toys too much: and he might be right, as you’ll certainly manage to break through after a cooperative brainstorm session. So, some of the most important clues may be hidden in a clever way, and uncovering them may have nothing to do with technology: you just have to be clever.
  • Guards and servants. Sometimes, to escape the estate, you’ll have to work with real people – or maybe avoid them as much as you can. Don’t try to contact with any of the hosts if you’re not sure they’re not from the security crew. Otherwise, you might be put in “jail” for a couple of minutes, and it would drag the whole team down.

Don’t rush it, move along and make your way out the most extreme situations! If you want to escape the estate in real life, visit any of our escape room locations.