Escape the Horror Room

Horror escape rooms will stay favorites for most of the players for many years. When you enter a detective escape quest, you are an explorer, a thinker, sometimes even a savior. But what can boost your adrenaline levels to the top is a classic horror room that doesn’t have complicated plots, dozens of characters or technologically following puzzles. A reliable setting, beautiful decorations, darkness, and void sound effects – and you feel like you’ve been teleported to another world. Think about another dimension where every horror you have ever seen on an old videotape, or in the back row of the local movie theater. It is a possible encounter.

If you found yourself dragged into a scary escape adventure against your own will (for example, if it’s a surprise birthday party), then the thing you might to do the most is to escape the room horror and get back to safety. Don’t worry: if you set your mind on winning the game, you’re most probably going to make it. The main thing stopping the players from making progress fast is fear. But do not get in a rush: sometimes, in an escape horror room, you’ll have what to be afraid of.

The mirror looks like it only reflects the girl who tries to solve the puzzle. But maybe it hides something important?

Escaping the Horror Quest Rooms

So, you want to exit the room as soon as possible; maybe even set a new record. We still recommend you to progress with caution, and that is why:

  1. Horror rooms sometimes contain traps. Most likely, the game masters will warn you so that it wouldn’t be a total shock. But there are quest rooms where traps are a surprise element, so you won’t know what can lock you up until you make a mistake. If you managed to fall in a trap, don’t get discouraged from the action: there are times when getting into a prison or a secret room is necessary to find a particular item, a key or a hint.
  2. There might be ghouls, ghosts, zombies, vampires or other enemies lurking in the dark! They will keep the players from ruining decorations, help keep the pace up and catch the most relaxed escapees, and so be careful. If you won’t, the prison (or whatever is used as a cell) will be overcrowded soon.
  3. You need to stay attentive and look for clues. To escape the horror room, you need to use the techniques that are common to classic puzzle escape rooms. You won’t see so many think-outside-of-the box puzzles here, but there will be many challenges that require extra attention on your side. If you’re rushing, it’s easy to make some mistakes in counting, spelling, etc. That’s how the players get stuck thinking they don’t have the solution: they very much have but aren’t concentrated enough to use it.

Have you ever been to a horror escape room? Did you get out in time? Let us know in the comments!