Escape the Locked Room Game

Don’t know where to go on the weekend? There are many exciting opportunities to pass your time, so why not try something that combines several types of entertainment? A locked room game in real life is a challenge that has you cracking codes and opening locks for 60 minutes straight. When you solve all the puzzles, you perform the locked room escape, and your time is your score.

So though technically you are given a whole hour to figure out the answers to all the riddles, you might still finish early. That is, of course, if you pass the locked room challenge very fast and never get stuck on any complicated puzzles. But even if you don’t make it out in time, you’ll still have great memories about your weekend with friends full of beautiful adventures, complex riddles, and sudden plot twists.

How to Win an Escape Locked Room Challenge

If you are going to perform a room escape from the locked room, don’t become obsessed over whether you win or lose! There are several levels of difficulty for real-life quests. If your team is full of new players, concentrate on the locked room experience and don’t mind the results. Remember: even organizations that set records fail to find the final key from time to time. Many factors need to line up for the group to win, and if they don’t, no one is at fault.

To solve the problem in the castle escape room, the players must interact with the plates. But the globe is so distracting that it's hard to figure out what to do next!

However, if you want to max out your chances, here are a few tips:

  • Play with people you know in person. It’s harder to communicate with strangers properly, and you also might not know whether you can rely on their judgment. That’s distracting.
  • Be attentive at the briefing. That’s when you get relevant information such as what the goals are, whether you can check walls and ceilings (a massive time-saver), what are you allowed and not allowed to use inside. If you break the rules, the game will stop, so be careful and watch your comrades!
  • Whatever you do, DO NOT START UP A FIGHT. If someone else is quarreling, help the sides to come to a compromise. Sounds banal, but you’ve got to remember this rule and apply it every time
  • Ask for hints if you’re stuck. Usually, you are allowed to have up to 2 tips per game, and at least half of the team has to agree to ask for help every time you think you need a hint. The quest rooms are designed in a way that makes you solves puzzles in a row; if you don’t know what to do for 5-7 minutes straight, declare the intent to have a hint loud and clear.

Whether you want to relax or weekend or plan a team building event in a locked room, you should get in touch with Quest Factor. We’ve got many live adventures to choose from, so visit us in Seattle!