Escape The Room 40 In Can You Escape The 50 Rooms Mobile Game: Complete Walkthrough

Can You Escape The 50 Rooms is easily one of the most popular escaping game for mobile platforms. It is not surprising, as while the most games and escape rooms tend to focus on a single theme, this adventure literally gives you fifty entirely different locked rooms to solve.

In this series of escape games, 40 level isn’t the most common to be brought up, as not so many people even get so far. But those who did get to the 40th room seem to have troubles with the riddles, so we’ll leave a short walkthrough for it here. Unmarked spoilers ahead, so advance with caution!

Escape room puzzles in a portative game

How To Escape The Room 40

This time, you appear to be locked in an Indian-themed chamber that looks like some kind of temple. Look around: you can immediately see the statue, the musical instruments, shelves with some bottles on them, pictures on the walls and a short locker.

Look at the mandolins first. There’s a sharp object stuck under the strings, take it along. Now go to the heavy metal bells to the left and take a small hammer. Go to the statue and take a golden chain: it’s in the left hand. Switch to the locker. For now we can’t open it, but there’s a handle for us to pick. Combine it with the sharp object you got earlier, and now you have quite a useful tool!

Switch to the shrine with the small statue. There’s a beautiful mosaic on the wall, with golden locket in the center. Get it out with the tool you’ve created, and then combine with the chain. The artifact is complete! Put it on the big statue to receive a blessing. Remember the order of the golden symbols: they’re different for each playthrough. If you’ve forgotten the order, don’t panic or look for a way to cheat: just click on the statue again.

Now return to the locker. It still won’t budge, but now you might want to take a close look on the code lock. It has 4 entries, just like the blessing had 4 symbols. Recreate the sequence and take a key. While you’re at it, check the pictures hanging on the wall where the locker stands. One of them is moveable, under the frame hides another key.

Go to the farthest set of bells (they’re near the door). Look above and hear a bird singing. Now you need to repeat the melody by hitting the right bells in the right order. It might take some time to practice, but eventually you’ll do everything right, and the bird will come down. It has the final key that we need in its beak.

When you have all the three keys, look at the door. There is a puzzle sequence that requires you to move the pieces in order to open all the keyholes. Only when all the holes are open simultaneously, you can insert the keys and pass through. Congratulations! 40 rooms escape wasn’t so difficult after all! 
If you have already passed all 40 rooms, then we are waiting for you in Quest Factor.