What to Look For When You Choose a Family Escape Quest for a Fun Weekend

The thing about family escape quests is that nobody can settle on what should these quests be like. Some studios label escape rooms for children as “family escape quests,” even if that can’t be farther from the truth. If an escape room is created especially for kids, adults won’t feel excited about participating. All the puzzles, the setting, and decorations, roles and storylines: what’s great for children, won’t appear to mature audience.

It’s not like the creators can go Disney route here, too. The themes that work perfectly in movies are not always that relatable when it comes to escaping rooms. After all, instead of a silent observer, you become an active participant. Still, there’s a demand for robust, funny and entertaining family escape rooms. So how is that demand satisfied?

The whole family solves puzzles in a mysterious escape room.

Main Rules for a Good Family Escape Quest

Of course, it’s essential for families with kids, but the same rules can apply if you’re not sure whether the members of your family are up to escaping from a creepy maniac recently mentioned in tabloids or getting away from the murderous Dracula. So if you’re planning on a family event with children, or if some of your beloved family members are a bit conservative, that’s what you’d usually want from the escape room of your choosing:

  • Average or below-average difficulty. This is important. Yeah, we know, there are exceptions, but generally, families do NOT consist of well-trained escapees, from young to old. So the quest must be accessible for everyone, even if you and your cousins feel like you could take on a much more complicated challenge.
  • Fun setting. There’s a general rule that a well-executed pirate escape room (is always good for family reunions. But it’s not only about pirates: you can choose a science lab, or a space shuttle, or even a circus escape (but make sure to check that the circus isn’t abandoned – or the room will be creepy enough to scare even the most experienced escapees).
  • Up to 6-8 people can enter at a time. There are more and more escape rooms nowadays that are only planned for a team of four people to participate at a time. This might seem perfect for small companies of friends, but if you come with family, you won’t wish to be separated from each other without a good reason – like being trapped during a prison escape, for example.

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