A great gift for a real man

Finding the perfect present for Father’s Day is a quest that is so difficult that we wouldn’t dare to design an escape room based on this scenario. Even if you know your Dad’s hobbies and interests to the core, it is often challenging to pick the exact thing that matches his tastes and current needs. The task gets a lot easier if you’ve talked about the present beforehand. But even then, the idea of adding some surprise gift is too attractive to pass on it.

On Father’s Day escape room gift certificate can become the main present, as well as a refreshing addition to a joint gift from all the members of the family. The only thing is, if you want to visit an escape room on holidays, it’s best to book the escape quest, or the time you wish to will be taken. Sure, this approach takes away the possibility of choosing, but what you get instead is a guaranteed family adventure that everyone will remember fondly for the next year.

What Makes Escape Room Certificate a Great Gift on Father’s Day

What do you love the most about your father? Is he inventive, willful, intelligent and inspiring? Or maybe he is more of a bold type, and prefers to solve all the problems with the power of determination? Does your father enjoy the leading roles? Does he act confidently as the main man of the team? Or maybe he prefers to stand on his ground and work on the problems on his own? The thing is, escape quest is a perfect ground that helps any of these personality traits to shine. Escape rooms are designed in a manner that helps to keep everyone involved. Your father will be the hero of your adventure!

The family was losing, but suddenly Father found the way out! He opened the door out of the escape room and smiled victoriously.

If your Dad never visited an escape room before, he may ask you these two fundamental questions about the expected experience:

  1. Are escape rooms really locked? The interest is purely technical for the most part, though sometimes men ask this question because they are concerned about keeping the family safe. The correct answer is – no, they are not. Many first-time players are interested in whether our escape rooms are really locked. The thing is, closing a place for real would be unnecessarily dangerous. There is always an emergency exit that the players agree not to use while playing.
  2. Are escape rooms scary? Yes! If that is what you prefer. Does your father love horror movies? Then go for it: there are plenty of quests that feature all the best elements of the genre. But if he’s more of a detective type, or has an undying passion for fantasy, do not forget to consider it.

Have an awesome Father’s Day and don’t forget to visit us! We’ve got residences in Redmond, Seattle, and Shoreline.