Find and Seek Puzzle Rooms in Vancouver BC

Last week after playing almost every escape room in Vancouver we finally decided to visit “Find and Seek”. We played all games “THE MYSTERY AT THE MAJESTIC THEATRE” and “THE CURSE OF MADAM ZITA’S CURIOSITIES”. Both stories are interconnected and require time travel with mission to retrieve certain relics.

The rooms are nicely decorated but most importantly we really enjoyed puzzles and game flow. Almost everything made sense, puzzles were logical and challenging enough. They did pretty good job making those games immersive and entertaining. Staff is great and whole company operated by the 4 owners. Their location is in the mall near Gastown town, not the most glamorous part of city, especially at night, other than that our experience was very good.

So far we think its the best real life quest game in whole Vancouver. Before you go to Vancouver, you need to complete all the quests with us.