Is it worth using hints when completing quests?

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Have you ever heard of finding clues games? We won’t be surprised if the answer is “no”, as the proper title would rather be “escape room games”. Still, finding clues is extremely important to win the most escape rooms. They’re also essential for the flawless escaping experience – and today we’re going to find out why.

When The Finding Clues Mechanics are The Most Important

Experienced players may argue that the puzzles are the core of the escape games, and the clues are just there to help the escapers who got themselves in trouble and can’t find the way to get out by themselves. That’s definitely not true, as a good escape room puzzle doesn’t only contain the puzzle element itself, but also the clue to finding it. Also, when you’re solving a puzzle, the reward is ever a key or… right, a clue to the next puzzle.

Here are the genres where this mechanic works the best:

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