Get Out of Jail Games Online

Get Out of Jail Games Online

Get Out of Jail Games Online

Escape from prison is an adventure that even the most law-abiding citizens dream about after watching another blockbuster. Sure, there’s no need to actually commit a crime and get to jail to have this thrilling experience. You can have all the adrenaline you could possibly want through video games.

Looking for a game that could transfer you into the cruel and segregated world that’s trying to stop your escape no matter what the cost? Here we’re presenting several titles well-known for their prison-related stories and gameplay.

Best prison escape games on PC and consoles

Bigger titles might cost you, but they really help to get into the story with all those graphics and high-quality audio. Be sure to check out these timeless prison break masterpieces:

Prisoner in handcuffs.

Free prison escape games online

While there’s not much that can fit into the limitations of the Flash player, there still are some interesting games featuring stealth mechanic & prison environment. We recommend trying out one of these: