What Could Be Better than Quest Rooms with Ghosts?

If you’ve never tried ghost escape games, it’s either that you’re not a regular escape room player, or that you’re avoiding them on purpose. The spooky, scary experience is the core part of escape rooms. Live actors are often participating, so the journey feels much more unpredictable than the classic escape rooms where the players are just left for an hour to find the exit all by themselves. But what makes the ghost escape rooms relevant up to the day and why people prefer this genre even if they’ve been to several ghost rooms already? Let’s try and find out together.

The Origin of Ghost Escape Rooms

What is the first association that comes to mind when you’re thinking of the modern ghost escape games? For us, it’s clearly the haunted house attractions. They’re not as much popular today as they were back in the days when there were no theme parks and entertainment centers. Back then people had to wait for the circus to arrive, or for the carnival to be organized, and only then did they have an opportunity to test their own braveness.

The haunted mansion attractions often had nothing to do with the mansion concept, as they had a single room with spooky decorations and jump scares. No puzzles were to be found: the flow of the visitors had to move fast, and the average haunted mansion visit length was somewhere about 5-15 minutes.

Today, these attractions cannot hold up, as even the little kids have seen scarier things in the movies than they ever could see in a “haunted mansion”. Yet, the tradition of ghost scares survived – and returned to the world of entertainment in form of the ghost escape games.

What Makes Ghost Escape Rooms so Great

If you’re in for a classic scare, there’s no better pick for you than a ghost escape game, and that’s why:

  • You’re the main hero of your own adventure. Instead of watching the movie characters running away from ghosts and feeling annoyed by their illogical behavior, take a step in and conquer the other realm in your own way!
  • It’s not just a walk in a dark room. Unlike traditional haunted mansion attractions, ghost escape rooms actually offer lots of stuff to do. Sometimes you have to break the spell created by the ghost, or dispose of it using certain magical items. Sometimes you’re given an opportunity to befriend the ghost, or even have to lift the curse from the spirit in order to leave the location. To do so, you’ll have to find keys, solve puzzles and make sure your team does something useful along the way.
  • The environment feels more real when you can do something with it.

If you really want to feel like a ghost movie hero, just visit any of our studios. We’ll offer you an experience you’ll never forget, and the highly realistic and imaginative locations are only a part of it.