Do All Escape Rooms Seem Ordinary and Boring? Try Grande Royal Escape

If you really think you’ve seen it all and nothing can surprise you anymore, try any of the grande royal escape rooms out there. Sure, you might have lots of successful escapes from bank buildings, enchanted manors and wizards’ hidden chambers. But does all your experience makes you any more ready to all the challenges you will meet at the royal castle?

Grande Royal Escape Rooms and What They Are Famous For

The one of the most thrilling things about the royal chambers is that you won’t just get there by chance; there needs to be a good reason for you to get there. This means that either you’ll become part of the royal family (maybe even the next in line for the crown?) or that you’ll have a very specific mission that requires breaking in the king’s private room and getting away successfully.

Here are some of the most popular scenarios for the grande royal escape:

  • You’re the next king (or queen) and someone wants you dead. The idea is simple; you knew that you were in danger for a long time, so you’ve been extremely careful and never left your rooms without a good reason. So, your rivals set up traps to make sure you won’t leave your place ever. Get out in time, before it’s too late!
  • You’re an explorer (or sometimes a robber), so you’re not very much interested in the crown itself. However, you may want it just because it’s so expensive. Or maybe you’re in for another treasure. Doesn’t matter as you find out that the dead royals are not ready to part with their belongings without a fight… an intellectual fight, but still.
  • You’re participating in a quest to protect the king (or maybe conquer the evil mastermind who got the throne in unfair ways). Prepare for a fantasy adventure with a great storyline and unpredictable outcome!

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