Where to Go in India after Attending All the Sights

Where to Go in India after Attending All the Sights

Where to Go in India after Attending All the Sights

Should you find yourself in India someday, come and visit Chennai before you have to leave. It’s a beautiful city with gorgeous flora and fauna, ancient temples that are still intact, lots of sights and architectural wonders, and also… one of the most creative escape room studios on the continent.

How come we talk about escape rooms again? Well, blame the creators of Mystery Rooms for that. Their passion and talent brought something new to the sphere, and even if those discoveries are across the ocean, they remain relevant – especially for the many residents and visitors of India.

Mystery Rooms: The Basics

The most common theme for any escape adventure seems to be getting out. If the setting is right, creators don’t have to add anything above it. You’re in a cell, or in a morgue, or in a locked library room, and you must make it away while the time is running out: things are exciting enough already, aren’t they?

Mystery Rooms offer not just a story-driven adventure: we’ve seen it before, and even if it helps to spice things up, it’s not like there’s anything new to this approach. Instead, they give their guests a thrilling experience of getting inside a movie. To make the quest cinematographic, the architect pays lots of attention to creating a realistic, yet captivating environment. There are also certain “punishments” for not getting out in an hour, so the harmless situation becomes somewhat of a real threat.

Two players try their best to complete a horror escape room in time.

Is It Still Fun Though?

You know how they say: no pain – no gain. Some of the riddles may be hard to crack, but as a reward you do not only advance in a quest. The story progresses with you, things start to make much more sense. Stepping into the shoes of a real action \ noire \ detective \ magical hero is what everybody dreamt of in childhood. Mystery Rooms present a perfect opportunity to make the dream come true in a way that will satisfy even the most skeptical adult.

The studio offers several main themes:

The areas are different not only in themes: they vary in levels of difficulty. So be sure to pick a room that suits your team the most. 
Before you go to India, be sure to complete quests in our On our website you can pick up your escape room.