Great Houdini Escape: Is it Just a Legend?

The Great Houdini Escape Room is the adventure every experienced escaper should try at least one. Even the most fast-thinking players are going to have a hard time solving it, as this room was created by Houdini himself.

It is about a hundred years old, and it’s also considered the first escape room ever created. To try and make a daring escape, one has to travel to San Francisco and book a reservation. It is the only way to touch the history, as all the other Houdini-themes escaped rooms are just copies, while this one is original. At least, this is the premise The Great Houdini Escape Room wants us to believe.

What Is The Great Houdini Escape Room

Everybody who got to try this adventure agrees that Houdini Room is one of the best high budget escape rooms ever produced, challenged only by the Roosevelt Room made by the same studio. It is historically accurate, there are lots of remarks to Houdini’s work and the clever puzzles would surprise even the famous illusionist himself.

Breaking through this room isn’t easy at all, as it contains dozens of exclusive puzzles. That’s why the room is beloved by the people who prefer a big challenge. However, we’d recommend to try it even if you don’t feel very confident about your talents in room escaping. This adventure is not like any other, so maybe the lack of experience will do you good and see solutions that other players wouldn’t notice.

What Else To Try Out

After you’re done with Houdini puzzles, we strongly recommend picking Roosevelt Room. This is also a great historical adventure, but here you’ll find much more tech puzzles combined with intriguing facts of Roosevelt’s life. What mysteries did one of the most famous US presidents hide? It’s up to you to find out! 
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