Ghost Escape Rooms and Haunted Houses

Ghost Escape Rooms and Haunted Houses

Ghost Escape Rooms and Haunted Houses

Creepy haunted houses have always been children’s favorite, and it’s not surprising. But when kids grow up, they do not entirely let go of their ability to appreciate a good spook. Sure, a first haunted house doesn’t provide strong impressions anymore. But we adults still enjoy a good horror movie, and the same can be said about a substantial haunted escape room.

Horror Escape Rooms Are Great for Any Age Groups

An immersive quest can take you to another world and make you experience something different from everyday life. The surroundings matter a lot: even if our conscious knows for sure that the spooky abandoned house is just a game location, the subconscious begins to interact with the objects and characters just like if they were real. The effect becomes stronger if the ghost escape quest requires you to make many quick decisions and solve puzzles. The necessity to work on achieving the goal gets the player involved, and that’s when reactions become genuine. Also, that’s the invisible architects make their move – and freak you out with a sudden jump scare!

It is hard to find the key to the door in a completely dark room. Maybe there’s a switch somewhere – or at least a candle?

If you are not sure whether you’d enjoy a haunted escape room game, make a quick self-check. You need to like at least several of these:

We at Quest Factor love haunted escape rooms, and plan on producing more of them one day! As for now, please visit our Dracula quest in Redmond: it is perfect for everyone who loves a good horror!