Escape Rooms Present New Opportunities for Getting to Know People

Escape rooms are not what people think about when it comes to finding new friends or getting a new perspective on the people who already belong to your communication circles, but are still far from you. But we’ve seen how it works so that it would be safe for us to state: escape quests can make a huge difference if you’re trying to make new connections.

If you don’t know how to break the ice in an unexpected conversation, bringing up the escape rooms might not be the best idea. But if your problems are a bit more general – for example, you desperately want to get to know that friend of your cousin’s friend better, but can’t figure out the first steps – escape quests can be of great help. Use the simple excuse of “we just need another person to complete the team,” and you can convince practically anybody to tag along. Once you’re in, it is surprisingly easy to find matching points, as you have one thing in common now. You have to get out of the locked room and to succeed, you’ve got to think fast.

Three people forming a hand circle around the table in an escape room.

How Do Escape Rooms Help to Find New Friends and Communicate Better

The ideas behind many escape quest puzzles belong to these several groups:

  • Logical problems. The ones where you need to decipher the hidden message or drag a ball through a three-dimensional labyrinth, untie the correct knot to proceed, and so on. It mostly requires a single person to figure out the solution, but communication can boost up the speed in an impressive way.
  • Finding objects. Many locked rooms have plenty of stuff scattered around. Many of the things you will see are going to be useless, but there’ll also be keys, hints and essential objects. Searching throughout the place requires cooperation: a single person won’t be able to check out everything in 60 minutes.
  • Communication puzzles. These riddles require the participants to work on different puzzle chains simultaneously. To progress, you’ll need to talk a lot, share your wildest guesses and ideas, and always keep the other part of the group updated. These puzzles help everyone to show their strong sides and learn more about the value of the other team members.

As you see, there’s not much for an individualist in an escape room. To get out in time, you have to talk to others a lot. The process helps to get to know other people, creates plenty of insider jokes and special memories.

Escape rooms are great for a weekend, whether you’re visiting as a couple or with a massive team of friends! Try yourself at any of our locations in Seattle, Shoreline or Redmond: we’re always ready to welcome new aspiring escapees!