How Long Does It Usually Take to Beat an Escape Room

Regularly, an escape room quest allows you to look for an exit for sixty minutes straight. This time limit didn’t come just out of anywhere. An hour is only the perfect period to get into the mood, solve all the puzzles and win the quest feeling satisfaction. So, this answers the question of how long is an escape room regularly, but are there any deviations? And why is 60 minutes period considered the ideal escape quest time?

Why Most of the Escape Quests Last for Sixty Minutes

In our daily life, we separate the day on hourly intervals without even noticing it. If you want to jog, or read a book, or relax for a bit, you’d feel more confident about your schedule, if you’ll find a full hour to do that. It’s easier to count time this way; also, it sets a happy period for enjoying the task on its fullest without actually getting tired of it.

When an escape quest lasts no longer than sixty minutes, the players are not too much distresses by the timer, as they know they’ve got plenty of time ahead. Still, they do not get bored or too relaxed: while it’s good to have some extra space in case you get stuck somewhere, it’s not like sixty minutes are endless. There’s no time for procrastination, that’s why the whole experience feels much more intense.

Most of our escape rooms follow this unwritten rule: we feel that players should get at least sixty minutes to progress through a bank heist, or escape Dracula. These are not trivial tasks; to complete them, the escapees should snap out of the daily routine and put themselves in someone else’s shoes. We also try to keep our escape quests fresh and unique, so there are a lot of puzzles you won’t find anywhere else. Depending on the room, these can become a challenge even for the experienced team. Of course, you could always use a hint (and we strongly recommend doing so, if you’re stuck for 5-7 minutes or more), we feel like there should be enough time for those perfectionists who want to solve every little bit on their own.

Timer in an escape room that shows an incredible record.

Are There Any Escape Quests That Last More or Less Than an Hour?

Of course, there’s always a room for experiments. If the story is long and complicated, and many live actors are involved, it may be an excellent choice to make it last for 75 minutes instead of 60. It helps to add more to characters and setting, without taking away precious gameplay minutes from the escapees. Also, there have been quite a lot of 40 minutes long escape rooms out there lately. Sometimes they’re featured as “express escape quests,” and sometimes the studios use left 20 minutes for introductions, explaining the rules and final photos. If you want to visit an escape room, come to any of our locations in Seattle, Shoreline and Redmond! We release new escape challenges every once in a while, so make sure to check us out!