Escape Rooms Are for Fun: What to Do to Release the Tension and Enjoy the Moment

Everybody who’s ever participated in an escape room adventure knows for sure that teammates are what make the whole experience memorable. You don’t have to build up a team, test the strong and weak sides of your comrades, and practice teamwork beforehand or anything like that. Sometimes the best option is to take your friends and family along. Half of the team may be new to the art of escaping locked rooms, but that doesn’t matter: there are always easy puzzles for newbies and advanced quest chains for experienced players. Even those who come for the first time can contribute and help the team to get out in time. Also, there’s always an option to roll the dice and play with strangers.

Still, there are times when even fun escape quests turn out a bit stressful for everybody involved. Instead of feeling happy, people come out dissatisfied. The strangest thing is that this outcome has nothing to do with the result. So let’s find out how to get the most fun out of your escape room adventure – and how to stay positive throughout the whole quest!

Two friends argue about solving a mystery in a music escape room.

Basic Rules for Getting the Most Fun Out of Escape Room Quests

  1. Relax, breathe in, take it easy. It always feels good to win, but sometimes people try too hard – and miss on a chance to spend quality time with friends and family. Modern escape rooms are all about process: a good escape quest is not a test, but an exciting journey for everyone.
  2. Keep the numbers low. For the most escape rooms, there’s just no such thing as a fixed team size. If there were, it would be very inconvenient for people who don’t have a fixed escapee team (and these people are the majority, as even the most experienced players prefer to shake things up every once in a while). Still, it’s generally recommended to keep your team size at 4-6 people so that space wouldn’t get crowded.
  3. Pick an escape room wisely. If you’re planning on playing with strangers, it’s much more comfortable, as you can choose your favorite theme and wait for an opportunity to come. But if you’re playing with friends, make sure that everybody’s cold on the central issue of the room. There are escape rooms with a detective storyline, horror escape quests and even puzzle rooms with no story at all. If everybody agrees on where to go, the whole team is going to have a good time – and nobody will return home upset.

Of course, there is another important rule for having fun in an escape room: choose a proper studio! If you like complicated puzzles, exciting stories, and beautiful locations, visit us in Redmond, Seattle or Shoreline!