Would You Dare to Enter an Isolation Escape Room?

Many people love escape rooms because they give more opportunities for non-linear teamwork than most of the other fun activities out there. When you enter an escape room, you don’t know what to expect just yet, even if you’ve already read the description and guest reviews, and asked the staff about all the details you find essential. There’s always something new and unpredictable to encounter, and your success in getting out depends strongly on the power of the entire team.

With isolation escape rooms things are a bit different, though. Instead of starting with your whole crew, you’re thrown in a small locked space to find a way out all by yourself. Eventually, you reunite with your friends, but it is still a bit difficult to think straight in an extremely claustrophobic environment. The host is hardly present (or the only live actors play guards in a jail escape room so that they won’t provide any support). The area feels abandoned, and you’re starting to fear that you’ll stay there forever – even if you know where the emergency exits are. That’s how isolation escape rooms affect people, and yet experienced players choose them a lot. The only question is: why?

What Is So Appealing about Being Locked Up and Isolated from Your Escape Team

The idea of a daring prison escape stays amusing even for people who do not like escape rooms at all. That’s because there’s something painfully exciting in the thought of overcoming the unfortunate chain of circumstances and outsmarting everyone who’s holding you in a cage.

Escape room creators take the best out of the concept and create rooms that appeal to everyone. To achieve this goal, they make sure every condition is fulfilled:

  • Decorations do not remind of any fictional stories and worlds. Realistic escape adventures have a more significant impact on the players because they’re so much easier to believe in.
  • The plot is minimalistic. There are a lot of scary escape quests featuring zombies or vampires or maniacs or any other kind of threat. But the most frightening thing is the one of unknown nature. In isolation escape room, the setting does all the narrative work, so there’s no need for a big live actor cast or unique event videos.
  • Isolation is gameplay-integrated. If you’re alone, that’s for a good reason. Later, even after the reunion, you may be separated from your friends again – and that will be for a good reason, too. These quests help to see how valuable every member of your team is, as any little clue is crucial for finding the final key.

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