Jenny C.

We’ve done around 50 escape rooms around the US and Australia, and this was by far one of our favorite establishments. We first did the Da Vinci room and was so happy with our experience, we decided to immediately sign up to do the Castle room right after we finished.

1. The quality of the props, decorations, lighting, ambience were AMAZING. You could tell that a lot of love was put into each room. It felt like you were on a movie set, and was in no way cheap or cheesy. The production value of these rooms was one of the best we’ve ever seen.

2. The puzzles were well thought out and challenging without being too difficult. It was so rewarding to solve these puzzles – we were all so impressed by the secret surprises and technical gadgets.

3. The service was amazing! The game master (can’t remember his name but was a young man with light brown hair that I think was a student around the area?) was incredibly friendly. He kept an eye on us and offered clues whenever we seemed stuck. He used the intercom to give us hints and it was incredibly helpful to have him there and comforting to have someone remind us of our time. Also he was super cool for setting up the second room for us quickly when we decided to do it last minute.

We’ve done a few escape rooms in the Seattle area now, and I would definitely put these two rooms at the top of the list. Will be back to do more in the future – National Treasure apparently just opened up in shoreline!