King’s Escape Room: Try and Escape the King’s Castle!

King’s Escape Room: Try and Escape the King’s Castle!

King’s Escape Room: Try and Escape the King’s Castle!

Breaking away from the locked room is a fun experience. You get to test your wits, intelligence, intuition and team-working abilities. After you manage to get out (or stay in the locked space till the end), you feel like something special happened, because the events were far from ordinary.

It’s no wonder this sort of entertainment can become a little addicting. After gathering together your best crew, you get encouraged to go out for more not only by your brain, but also by friends and family. Everyone’s ready for new big adventure, but… At some point you begin to notice that the experience becomes a bit repetitive. There’s only so many times escaping from a prison feels like something new, you know. Then it’s just routine task.

Original King’s Escape Room Challenges

The King’s Escape Room is an entertainment studio in Denver that provides unique and fun adventure quests in real life. They only have three rooms so far, but as the guys don’t recycle ideas that circulate around for years, you get to experience an entirely new setting, whichever room you choose.

The creators make sure that all the player stay connected to the story throughout the game. That’s how the effect is achieved:

With 70-th themed room, some royal experience and an ability to dive into the life of a music band, King’s Escape Room really managed to create something entirely new. Be sure to check it out: that’ll be an adventure you’ll never forget. But before visiting the King’s Escape Room, go to the Quest Factor. We have prepared for you something unforgettable.