Real Life Escape Room Adventures In Germany

Have you ever been to an escape room in Germany? If no, consider visiting Live Escape Games once you’re there. They provide unique escaping experience with full English translation, so even the players who don’t know German get to enjoy.

In Germany, people rarely refer to locked room adventures as escape rooms. They prefer to call them escape games, to emphasize on the gaming aspect of the quest. It may or may not have something to do with the fact that German escape adventures often have more than a single room to explore. While this trend is becoming more popular in US, too, for now our players are mostly acquainted with the classic formula where the story ends as soon as you manage to open the door.

Actually, Germany has plenty of these as well. Locally famous chain called Live Escape Game offers thematic escape experience with old-school vibes to it. All of their rooms are pretty complex, with lots of unique puzzles and riddles to try and solve in 60 minutes.

What To Expect From Live Escape Games

As playing with strangers is not common in Germany, it’s recommended to enter any of Live Escape Games adventures in a group of three players or more. If there’ll be only two of you, there’ll be a greater chance not to make everything in time, even if both of you are experienced escapers.

Many puzzles are meant to be solved simultaneously, so there’s no room for getting distracted if the group is small. No group larger than 6 players may enter: the areas are nice, but not very big, and even with 7-8 people around, it would feel claustrophobic. The most popular rooms are located in Bern, Vilnius and Zurich, so you can visit them in either of these cities.

Here are the most interesting adventures Live Escape Games can offer:

  • The most interesting escape room for a US player looks minimalistic, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. You begin in an empty monochrome room, and there’s nothing around but a chess table and a single piece. What are you going to do? This abstract adventure is different from everyone you might have seen before, so if you have only one weekend free, we strongly recommend this one.
  • This one is also a bit uncommon, as you’re escaping not because some criminal is going after you, but rather because you are the criminal. A car waits for you, and now you just need to get everything ready in your garage. As usual, you’ve only got 60 minutes: if you run out of time, the whole team will be busted! NB: the game is unavailable in Vilnius.
  • 1 Million Case. So, apparently, you’re a millionaire. Or at least used to be, as someone robbed you and took all the cash out of the safe. You’ll need to become your own detective and find the money, but who knows what will happen if your path crosses with the path of the robber?