What Do You Think, How Difficult Is It to Get Out of the Maze

Maze Rooms is a creative studio that produces and maintains about 16 different thematic escape rooms for all ages and tastes. The company has got two residences: one in Los Angeles, and this is where most of their fans are acquainted with them from, and the other in Austin, with only three available adventures so far, but with lots of big plans ahead.

If you’re into learning more about Maze Rooms, we strongly recommend visiting them in LA. This way you can have the most variety, while solving the mysteries of a haunted castle, playing some dangerously looking game with the most impossible rules and outcomes ever, or even trying to do your best in a completely virtual high-tech VR adventure.

What Is An Escape Room?

Many of the first-time participants of the Maze Rooms adventure quests are the first-timers in escape rooms, too. Because the studio offers so many opportunities to find your ideal journey, some people just jump in the adventure without learning the basics of this type of entertainment.

If that’s really your case, you can always rely on the staff, as they will consult you and explain every little detail that’s better to know before letting someone lock yourself up. Still, it won’t hurt to know that escape room is basically a locked area full of puzzles for you to solve. Once the team copes with all of the challenges, you get the key to the entrance door. Or sometimes it just opens up automatically. There’s a timer, so you must find a way to escape in 60 minutes or more (often less for family-friendly games). Also, the puzzles aren’t meant to be solved one-by-one, so every member of the team can actively engage in adventure.

What Is So Special About Maze Rooms?

Firstly, it’s the variety of themes. Most of the studios keep up to 3-5 rooms, while these guys managed to develop practically two dozens of quests with a great narrative variety. These are just several themed rooms you can check out on your next trip to LA:

  • Magical adventure
  • Outer space
  • Jumanji (a mysterious jungle game)
  • FBI mission
  • Pirate quest
  • Haunted Egyptian tomb
  • Escape from prison etc.

The second reason to visit Maze Rooms is the writing. While scenarios are not the main part of escaping experience, they add “flesh” to adventure and make it so much more memorable. The writing crew offers an interesting outtake on many of the topics that were done to the core, so you won’t get bored even if you’ve been to a certain type of room in other studios already.

The last but not the least is the puzzles. Like your riddles hard? There’s lots of right stuff for you. Looking for something that’s suitable for beginners? Just ask the staff to recommend you the most suiting adventure. Nice balance of difficulty, logical constructs and randomness creates a nice feel both for a first-timer and an experienced escaper.

A scene of the crime in a motel escape room.