Michelle C.

We have done two escape rooms at this location. Excalibur and Da Vinci. Two different experiences for sure. My husband and I did the Excalibur all on our own and escaped with a lot of help from their clues and we loved the props and how the game progressed. It was super fun and we wanted to try another so we brought another friend of ours to do the Da Vinci and didn’t get it, unfortunately.

 My only critique would be our guide was difficult to understand. We had the same gentleman and we guessed he was the owner and we felt as though he was in a hurry to get us in and out. We had good interactions with him the first time we did an escape room and the second time when we didn’t escape, looks like he didn’t make any effort to show us the rest of the room – which our guess was that he probably wanted us to come again and do the room so no details were given. Good business strategy I guess. We are thinking of doing a work trip to do one of these rooms since we all work at the UW so we’ll most likely be back. Good location and challenging experience all around.

We are very grateful to Michelle C for the feedback left and will be glad to see you in the Quest Factor.