Quest Rooms Are Like Workouts for Brai

One thing that prevents some people from enjoying escape rooms on a regular basis is the fact that they can get a bit repetitive, especially if you’re a competitive escapee ready to polish your getaway skills. As the results get better, all the puzzles start to look a bit familiar. And there’s a good reason for that, as escape room designers tend to make adventure projects accessable for the most players.

However, there’s a category that is dedicated to make the players experience something entirely new. Join mind escape game at your own risk and see if you have what it takes to escape the puzzles of your own mind!

Lab escape room for advanced players.

Mind Escape Rooms Are Best for Experienced Players

Well, the last few lines may sound a bit confusing. But that’s actually what the mind games escape room projects are all about. They confuse your senses and present a stronger challenge by deceiving both your intellectual abilities and feelings. Lots of puzzles here are based on something being not quite what it seems. But don’t think that just knowing the core of the puzzle will help you to break through effortlessly. It’s quite possible to stuck on a single riddle for thirty minutes, effectively ruining any chances of successful escape.

Here are the most important things you should know about mind escape challenges:

  • They’re difficult. There’s nothing wrong in failing a mind escape room. It’s filled with puzzles you might never seen before, and there are also lots of distractions. Also, the time limit is not longer to compensate the change: you still have only 40-60 minutes to get out.
  • The settings are usually quite entertaining; only if you had the luxury of exploring them freely… Houdini escape games, rooms themed after famous scientists and artists often contain lots of mind play elements. Do not get distracted by glorious surrounding: try to find the puzzles as soon as you can, as solving them might take a while.
  • When you finally make it, the sense of accomplishment is just the best. It’s a special challenge, and many players give up even after several attempts. If you managed to conquer mind escape room, congratulations! Now you’ve got solid bragging rights.

Remember that mind game escape rooms might not be the best for introducing a new player to the art of escaping. Make sure to check difficulty levels twice when entering with a team full of first-time players!