Music City Escape Rooms Is a Great Room Escape Studio for Quality Family Time

It’s hard to find an escape room studio that doesn’t take itself seriously, but still manages to give a strong challenge. Music City Escape Room is up to it: you get wizardry, superheroes and even Japanese horrors.

If you never ever visited any of the Music City Escape Room adventures, it might as well be you don’t spend a lot of time in Nashville, as that is without a doubt one of the most famous and universally recommended escape rooms studios there.

In Music City Escape Room, they rely mostly on the atmosphere, and it depends on the host massively. Human factor is always somewhat of a hit-or-miss, but in every escape room Music City produces this works like a charm so far. The regular players (yes, there is such a thing) say the hosts help to feel the mood of the story. If you don’t want them to interrupt you with giving out clues and tips whenever you’re stuck, just tell that beforehand; but the hosts aren’t there to break the puzzle-solving fun anyway: they just help the story emerge in a way that’s not achievable yet even with the best interactive environments.

Escape Room Adventures in Music City

The studio opens its doors to every guest, but it’s better to book a room ahead of time, especially if you’re planning to visit on weekend. The adventures are good for:

  • Family events. With rooms like “Wizards and Spells” or “Superheroes Adventure” you won’t be confused on what to pick for your nephew’s birthday party. The host regulates the difficulty level according to the team, so that rooms become more suitable for children and teens.
  • Hanging out with friends. Are these your fellow students, coworkers or best buddies? They might as well be your enemies, as you’ll have fun nonetheless. Well-rounded scenarios combined with original puzzles and mechanics will satisfy even the most experienced gamers.
  • Team building. It’s recommended to consult the staff on what room is better for the tasks you’ve got in mind for your working crew. But if the main idea is to get everyone along and make some solid team bonding, then Music City adventures are just perfect.

Most Popular Escape Rooms by Music City

The studio continues to grow so new escape rooms tend to be opened every now and then. Yet, we recommend to visit the ones that made Music City famous in the first place. Our top picks for this location are:

  • The Japanese Thriller Room. Heavily inspired by – surprise, surprise! – Japanese thrillers, this one throws you into a cruel survival reality show. This is not just a game anymore, as there’s a serial killer coming after you. It’s up to you to make it out in time – or becoming his prey lost in abandoned apartment.
  • Wizards and Spells. If you like Harry Potter, just choose this one, you won’t regret. No lethal threats or murderous trap: just grab your wand and try to better your magic teacher in a race across the school grounds. Let’s see if you have what it takes to become a student of a real magical school!