Happy New Year, Dear Escapers!

Happy New Year, Dear Escapers!

Happy New Year, Dear Escapers!

While the New Year’s Day doesn’t get quite as much recognition as Christmas, we still consider it to be one of the most important holidays of the year. After all, it opens the whole New Year! Time to make new grand plans, compose New Year resolutions… Yes, even if you are not also planning to stick with those for the end of the day! The whole process feels refreshing, so why not have some fun creating a perfect new persona that you’d like to become someday?

For the matter of fact, we at Quest Factor have a great collection of roles for you to try on this New Year’s Day. Our immersive puzzle rooms are created in a way so that you could step into someone else’s shoes and become the main hero of an exciting adventure. The whole story is packed in up to sixty minutes of intense escaping experience. The actual longevity is up to you: the faster you’ll find all the clues and solve the puzzles, the quicker you’ll get a chance to grab that final key, get out and win the game!

This escape room looks so beautiful that you might even want to stay inside forever. But remember that you must escape in an hour!

Escape Rooms worth Visiting on New Year’s Day

If you live in Seattle that means you won’t ever fall short on the variety of different escape quests to choose from. It may be hard to make a choice, especially if you are planning to win your first escape room. Here are some useful tips:

If the puzzle room you picked is not to your liking, stay strong and keep pushing forward. Remember: not all of our New Year starts have to be perfect. Experiencing something new is high enough if you are on the course of celebrating the final arrival of the New Year.