Your Office Parties Might Get Better With Escape Games

Escape rooms are among the most popular activities for team building, and it’s not that hard to see why. The intentions of your CEO are straight and clear: escape room quests require lots of communication and collaboration ability, so it’s a perfect opportunity to highlight all the weak spots and master strengths.

However, corporative escape games aren’t only reserved for scheduled team-building events (these are awesome, but they also come with additional pressure). If the whole office is celebrating a holiday or a particular date, it may be the best solution to choose escape rooms as the primary entertainment source.

Players look through the map to find the next clue

What Makes Escape Rooms So Great For Office Parties

There are many possibilities for corporative events, but only a few of them are universally beloved by everyone. Escape rooms are among those, as they boast seemingly endless advantages:

  • Every escape room is a new story. Of course, escape quests based on the same theme may be similar at some points. But gameplay elements will change drastically regarding the escape room designer’s approach to settling the puzzles. And if that’s a corporate event, it’s more than easy to keep a track on where you’ve already been. Pick a new adventure every time!
  • Everyone can contribute to the solution. In escape quests, there is no such thing as an additional contribution. Every member of the team is essential since it’s impossible to solve all the puzzle branches in time by a small group of people. This concept encourages every kind of participation so that you can see a different side of your coworkers in an escape room.
  • It’s active entertainment. It’s great to watch a good performance, especially if pro artists are involved. But it’s a shame there’s no way to participate: guests become the passive audience; they don’t influence a single thing. But the human brain loves to be influential! People tend to have the most fun when they can make important decisions every once in a while, and escape rooms are all about it.
  • Developing bonds in the process is natural. Well, maybe you won’t become besties with your direct boss after finishing that challenging escape quest in time. But you’ll have lots to talk about for a good couple of weeks. Players quickly drop their regular formal attitude in escape rooms, so it’s just so much easier to find somebody to your liking as you manage to see their true colors.