Olde City Escape Games Are the Best to Learn More about Philadelphia

If you’re visiting Philadelphia for the first time, make sure to attend Olde City Escape Games. If you’ve lived here for all of your life… still come, as they’ve got some magnificent stories to tell.

Philadelphia is a state with unique and rich history, and what’s better way to learn about important historical events and phases than through proper entertainment? That’s exactly what Olde City Escape Games offer: solid, adventurous, ground-breaking escape rooms centered around the state of Philly and many of its peculiar stories.

You can see the historical attributes everywhere in Olde City Escape Games studio. It starts with the welcoming area, where Disney-ish cartoon characters introduce you to the concept of escaping rooms (it’s not like you really need the information, but cartoons are fun), and goes on to the themed zones, where the world of imagination meets the vibes of times long bygone.

What Is So Special About Olde City Escape Games?

Frankly speaking, the whole concept and its realization is a passionate letter to Philadelphia and people who worked hard through years in order to make the state the one we know today. It doesn’t matter if you’re a resident or a traveler who visits Philadelphia for the first time: authentic experience will help you dive into the story, so that you feel deeply connected with the events you suddenly find yourself in.

One more good thing in Olde City Escape Games is that they don’t try to smash the message in your face. There are still lots of puzzles to solve, and a timer to beat. If you’ve played many escape rooms before, you’ll still have some unique riddles to crack in the rooms of the Olde City. It is just that here the deepest experience comes from the story and the setting: they’re not just an element or an ice-cream flavor, but the most important piece.

What Rooms Should I Visit First?

If you’re visiting Olde City Escape Games studio for the first time, it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed by their adventure list. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: here are the rooms that are perfect for attending if you’re not yet convinced that historical escape games are really your thing (yes they are, you just don’t know it yet).

  • The Midnighters. That’s a journey to not-so-far-away past, as you find yourself in 1988, and arcade games are still the biggest deal. You’re not in mood for playing games though, as you plan to find and sell the very moon rock gifted to the state by NASA. The gift went missing soon afterwards, but you’re pretty sure it’s still here somewhere… But it won’t be easy to get your hands on it, as you suspect it’s hidden in a pretty dangerous location.
  • A Quest For Freedom. There’s a revolution going on, and you’re one of the most trusted Franklin’s assistants. It’s up to you to find the legendary document, the Seven Reasons, and send it to French government in order to make France aid your party in this conflict and aid you in changing the fate of USA forever.