How to Become a Real Pirate

Pirate escape is an adventure where you get to perform as a pirate. Feel like a member of the pirate crew and try to find the treasure – and then get away with it! Discover the best pirate secrets in our themed escape rooms.

Why do children love pirates? Well, pirates get to navigate their giant ships in the seas, not bound by any boring rules. Actually, they always break the rules – and there’s no argue that’s what kids enjoy to do the most! Of course, pirates also get to do all the fun stuff. They search for treasure, using those ridiculously complicated treasure maps with hints and riddles. They participate in swords fighting, and they have big cannons to shoot from. The captain always has the biggest hat, and also a parrot. There are some disadvantages, like wooden legs or hook arms, but overall, a pirate’s life seems great! There’s no wonder so many children want to become pirates.

The best thing is: now they can! For a limited time, of course, but still – isn’t that great? There are many pirate escape rooms to crack, and many of them are aimed specifically at kids. This means there’s no need for grown-ups to participate: live actors and hosts will check on the children every now and then, making sure everybody’s safe and having a blast. This is the best introduction to escape rooms ever – and a great way to celebrate birthday or a successful end of the school year.

Are Pirate Escape Adventures Really Accessible for Kids?

Most of the pirate escape rooms are made for children, but not all of them. If you’re planning a family weekend, check the age requirements. There are realistic pirate escape rooms, these may have certain scary elements and jump scares, so a parental presence will be required, and children under a certain age won’t be able to go. If there are no age barriers, or they’re extremely low, it basically means you can bring a group of children to the escape room studio and leave everything to the hosts, then just take a walk for an hour or go shopping: the hosts will take care of the rest.

Don’t forget to visit our escape rooms for families! These are the most fun to solve with your relatives and friends, regardless of age.