Playing at Quest Factor Means Much More than Just Entertainmen

Did you know that by playing at Quest Factor, you are also contributing to our campaign to help kids get early access to speech therapy? We are adamant believers in helping our neighbors.  Thus, we partnered with Early Life Speech and Language to ease access for kids between 2-7 years of age for speech therapy. We donate a percentage of sales to ELSL from every ticket sold. It goes toward helping kids who may be struggling with speech development.

Goals aligned

What we aim to do at Quest Factor is not just provide an amazing entertainment experience. We also work to foster teamwork and communication skills among players via the interactive game environment. When we first heard about ELSL and learned about their mission to help kids learn to communicate by developing strong language skills, we felt like their mission aligned with ours.

“Access to speech therapy enhances children’s lives; giving them the confidence they need to excel academically and socially,” said Angelique Leone, Executive Director of ELSL. “Children once unable to communicate are now able to express themselves at home, in school and in other social settings they would have previously avoided.”

We’re proud to support ELSL and their mission. We ‘thank you,’ Quest Factor players, for helping us make this happen.