Puzzles and clues in escape rooms

Solving puzzles is the most fun process in any game. Are you thinking, trying to find ways to solve a problem, trying new ideas, looking for clues, what could be more exciting? The correct answer: if you do all this for a while and in the company of friends!

The escape rooms consist entirely of puzzles united by a storyline. That is why, escape games are very popular and do not cease to amaze people. Each room is like a new unique story with its secrets and riddles. The truth behind these secrets is not very tricky puzzles that you can learn to quickly solve.

In this article, we want to share with you the most common puzzles in escape rooms. Quest Factor has a wealth of experience in creating quests, and today we will reveal some secrets to you. The first of these is where to look for clues in the escape rooms. The second secret is what tricks are used so that these tips are not visible.

10 Clues that are worth paying attention

Escape room in which players search for clues

Light is a great tip

It is very difficult to do something in complete darkness, especially if you are trying to get out of the escape room. Therefore, the light is fraught with many mysteries, and most importantly – clues.

The main rule is to always look for a light switch if you have been led into a dark room and have not been told that you cannot use the light! (Remember, tricks can be everywhere, even in the rule not to use light. Sometimes they want to confuse you). It seems to many that if there is no light in the room, then it should not be, but this is a mistake. You are losing precious time to escape.

Sometimes clues are worth looking for when the lights are off. For example, using ultraviolet lamps, or on the wall you can see the text written in glowing paint, etc. Light is one of the main clues! Use it correctly and you can quickly find a way out.

  1. – First of all, find the light switch and switch
  2. – Remember that many clues can be seen in UV light or just by turning off the light.
  3. – Light up dark places in rooms, there may be hidden doors

Clues before your eyes

Each escape room contains a large number of different puzzles, but there you may seem at first glance. In fact, they are all very similar to basic and uncomplicated tasks, to which you can easily find tips.

One of the popular types of such tasks is to draw up the correct order. When searching for clues, you find a large number of individual letters, numbers, or other elements that you most likely need for something. That’s right, you were not mistaken, you really need them. From the elements you have collected, you can add a sequence that will open the next clue for you, and you can quickly get out of the escape room.

The next view is to pick colors. If you and your team find a lot of repeating colors, then it’s worth considering, maybe they are not just in the room. If you try to put these colors together, you may find a cipher or code that will open the door for you to find the next clue.

  1. – Pay attention to letters, numbers or other elements that can be put in sequence.
  2. – If you find duplicate colors, get ready to interact with them

Ordinary items keep a lot of secrets (and clues)

Have you ever wondered how many secrets a book can keep in itself, besides valuable knowledge?! Well, they can also store hints. Not necessarily in the text, you can open it and see the key to the next door.

The biggest mistake players make while passing escape rooms is inattention to detail. Finding clues is one of the most fascinating processes, so hiding them in ordinary household items is a very fun activity. Players spend a lot of time, come up with incredible tasks for themselves, thereby complicating their own game and for a long time can not find a way out. Sometimes just pick up a notebook, pen, glasses or touch an item to find the right clue. Do not try to complicate your life, we will do it for you!

  1. – Pay attention to ordinary objects: books, notebooks, toys, etc. They may have clues.
  2. – Do not be afraid to touch objects. Perhaps it will be the solution to the mystery.

Encrypted prompts

Morse code, braille, hieroglyphs – does that mean anything to you? Correct answer: cipher. Enclosing a hint in one of the encryption methods is a very simple way to make the game more fun. Believe me, you will definitely like to solve incomprehensible characters and look for a logical answer in this. Despite the apparent complexity, these puzzles will not make you spend a lot of time looking for clues, unless you make it more difficult.

Remember the main rule of ciphers in the escape rooms – there is always a translation of this cipher nearby, just watch carefully. Otherwise, spend all your time in vain.

The next encryption method is more sophisticated. You can see how letters are replaced by numbers or vice versa, but do not be scared ahead of time! The main thing is not to get confused and understand what you should in order to get the following clues for action.

  1. – Next to the cipher is a translation. Watch carefully or lose time.
  2. – Do not panic and calmly solve the cipher. You will succeed.

Clues size does not matter

Agree that we do not often look at small letters, symbols, as this is not necessary. This is a big mistake, both with inattentive signing of the contract, and with the passage of escape rooms. The most important clues can be found in places where you never thought to find them, for example, in the corner of the newspaper, next to which lies a magnifying magnifier. What does this mean, you ask?! The clue is very close, that’s what it will mean. Each item in the room matters, but we will talk about this a bit later, and now let’s get back to the little tips. Take a closer look, since missing a seemingly small detail, you can spend time and not find a way out of the escape room. If you see a magnifier, a microscope or any object that is designed to examine small details, take it and look for clues. He certainly lies here not just for beauty.

  1. – Found a magnifying glass or device to examine small details, grab and run to look for clues.
  2. – Be very careful. Every item in the escape rooms is important.


Labyrinths have been known to us since ancient Greece. True, in that myth he was bigger with the Minotaur. In the escape rooms, such a puzzle is much smaller and no one needs to be defeated.

Usually, in labyrinths you need to move an object from one end to the other in order to get a clue. You need to spend a lot of patience on this, otherwise you will not be able to quickly leave the escape room.

Labyrinths differ only in the way the object moves, and more precisely in how you move this object in the maze. Using magnets or rotate it in different directions so that the subject can pass all obstacles. No matter how this puzzle looks, it is aimed to infuriate you! It was a joke ;)) The main patience and desire to go through the escape room, and you can definitely get a clue, well, or your friends will help you with this.

Tips behind the secret door

Secrets that hide closed doors can scare or delight, but certainly do not disappoint you. The escape rooms are very fond of putting secret doors that open the way to the long-awaited exit. To open such a door, you need to collect not only all the clues, but also find out where this door is. It can be hidden behind a large picture, bookshelves, under the bed, and sometimes even on the ceiling.

Opening such a door can be even more difficult than finding it. Special ciphers, applying blanks, scanning the retina (I don’t know how this example got here) are not fantastic and can wait for you on the way to exit the escape room.

Collect all the hints that may be useful to you: numbers, fragments of text, etc. Absolutely anything can be useful to you, especially if you go through a quest about spies or detectives.

  1. – Secret doors are behind paintings, bookshelves, or under beds.
  2. – Collect everything that may be a code to open the door.

Actors hide many secrets

Recently, escape rooms with actors have become very popular and this is not surprising. Quests become more lively, interesting and begin to resemble the plot of a film or theatrical production. Your team becomes the main characters and the search for clues seems more exciting.

Sometimes actors help the main characters, that is, your team, and sometimes they create problems in order to slow you down and prevent you from quickly finding a way out.

If the actors slow you down, then they certainly will not give any clues and will gloat look at your torment. Actors who are trying to help you can hint at clues and say how to look for them, which will help you get through the escape game faster. Most importantly, remember that actors can cheat! After all, you never know who is on your side and who is against you. Better trust your intuition and friends.

  1. – Actors can both help and deceive you. Be careful.
  2. – In many escape rooms, it is forbidden to ask actors for clues.

There are a lot of hints in the design of rooms

The scenery and design of some escape rooms is simply striking in its beauty or eerie atmosphere, but most importantly, it helps to better immerse yourself in the theme of the quest.

To simplify the task for the players, the creators hide hints in the decor of the room. (Although it is difficult to call this a simplification, sometimes it causes even more difficulties.) These are also three-dimensional images on the walls. You need to stand at a certain angle or turn your head in the right direction and here it is a hint, right in front of you. Sometimes the clues can be unevenness in the floor, different colors of the walls, the shape of the windows, the size of the beds and much more. All this is done to distract your attention and create the illusion that it should be so. Remember to check everything. Starting from the size of the door handle and ending with the color of the flower pot.

  1. – Carefully inspect each item, as the design may distract from the prompts.
  2. – Do not waste time asking “How did they do this?” (We won’t tell you anyway).


You can just ask for help

Sometimes all such moments, when you all watched, all buttons were pressed, the lights turned off and on about 20 times, and he already managed to measure, but the clue was still not found. The room has all telephones, receivers or other similar objects. Do not rush to rejoice, usually such tips are worth the time! To complete the next task so that you have time.

Try to search for clues yourself, because it is much more interesting. Especially if you spent time with friends and tried to find a solution.

  1. – You can always ask for a hint, but it will cost you time.
  2. – Finding clues yourself is much more fun.

Large table with lots of items for finding clues

Our article is ending. Of course, this is not a complete list of puzzles and clues for them, but we can not reveal all our secrets. Otherwise, you will stop going to escape rooms and enjoy fun moments with friends from solving complex puzzles. We hope that after this article, solving puzzles will become easier and more interesting.

If you want to test your knowledge of skills in finding clues, we are happy to welcome you and your friends / colleagues in the Quest Factor Escape Rooms.