What to Do Today: Rob a Bank or Go Sailing

Seattle, WA., January 26, 2017 – Quest Factor, one of the biggest live-action, escape room games in the Greater Seattle area, is launching its third location in Redmond with two new quests, Bank Heist and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Quests are a subgenre of the wildly popular and booming entertainment escape-the-room games. They are hands-on, mind-bending, thrilling live-action games that “lock” a team of friends/family/co-workers in a themed-room and require them to successfully complete the challenge within a one hour limit by solving puzzles and following the storyline rather than to simply unlock the door.

Quest Factor founders pride themselves in bringing escape-the-room enthusiasts not one, but two new quests that not only immerse you completely into its story but are also equipped with professional sound and latest technologically advanced puzzles including Artificial Intelligence.

“Each project we do ourselves, so that every room is custom build to fit the storyline of the game,” said George Albantov, co-founder of Quest Factor. “We pay a lot of attention to detail and our customers know and appreciate that quality of work. This is the most rewarding for us – seeing smiles on every face after they’ve played our games. It’s priceless.”

Escape the mundane: The Origins of Quest Factor

The idea for Quest Factor was born between two friends back in October of 2015 and in just 10 months, on July 4th, 2016 they opened the doors to its first escape room, The Castle. Their second room followed shortly after and launched in March of 2017, Da Vinci.

Since then, the company has hosted over 10,000 players.

“This idea came to me in the fall of 2015 after I went to visit my friends in Moscow, Russia,” said Albantov. “I really liked the concept of puzzle solving, teamwork, and the amount of fun you have while playing the game. In a month, I talked with my friend Sergey [Fahreev] and we decided to build something really unique in Seattle. That’s how our first project in U-district started. Since then, we build 2 locations and so excited to have opened the 3rd one this winter.”

At Quest Factor, the team focuses on creating an unforgettable immersive experience and making sure that everybody has fun at their games. All of the rooms are beautifully decorated with life-like props that won’t make you question your whereabouts as you’re running against the time. Puzzles range in their nature and difficulty level allowing for all types of brains to actively participate and use their wits and communication to “escape” in time.

Plus, all games booked at Quest Factor are absolutely private. It’s just you, your team and no strangers.

The roots of all things: Origins of Escape-the-Room Games

Based on computer game of the same idea, the exact origins of a live-action escape-the-room game are unknown. They were introduced around the same time in the late 2000s both in Asia and Europe and quickly spread all over the world.

Imagine, you’re locked in a room with your teammates and a storyline that you need to follow to complete your quests. You take on the role of the main characters of the story and follow the clues to reach your objective. It can be anything from hunting after the Holy Grail or disarming a nuclear bomb that’s about to destroy the city. You have one hour to solve all the puzzles at hand and complete the challenge.

Usually, the event lasts about 90 minutes with 15 minutes of introductions, 60 minutes of game time, and 15 minutes walking through solutions. A hint system is established to help those struggling to “escape” or complete the challenge.

Looking beyond: Quest Factor Expands East Side

As the trend to spend a birthday, family-reunion, or a corporate team-building event at an escape-the-room game continues to grow, so does Quest Factor. The company expands to the East Side and its third location in Redmond opened its doors in 2018.

The new location will feature up to 6 escape-the-room and quest games. The main focus will be to host bigger events such as corporate parties, team-building, birthdays, and other celebrations.

Trapped in a room and under the pressure of time, escape room challenge allows for each employee to shine in the areas they excel at, for natural leaders to emerge, and learn how to listen to each other as communication is key to solving the puzzles.