Quest Factor Mad Scientist Escape room

Quest Factor Mad Scientist Escape room

Quest Factor Mad Scientist Escape room

Have you ever wanted to become a scientist? Practically every child had such a dream, and some of us even managed to bring that dream to life. Of course, it was a bit disappointing to find out that real scientists don’t live in messy laboratories full of impossible gadgets like portable time machines or eternal engines. Still, science can be lots of fun – especially if you are ready to experience the world as it is and do not tend to hold grudges on the scientific society that surely can be harsh at times.

Sadly, with Professor Manifesto this was not the case. It was organically impossible for the man to understand friendly critique, so when the other scientists didn’t show respect to his latest ideas, he decided that the whole world is declaring war to him. Quest Factor Mad Scientist escape room tells the story of a man who went too far to satisfy his ambition. Like every good story, it needs heroes; and that’s the time when you, players, begin to take the active part in the narrative.

The Many Secrets of Mad Professor Manifesto

As this escape room is a science lab, you get to work with the latest tech to get out in time. Escaping won’t be easy, as the professor was extremely careful and left plenty of traps to stop the potential intruders. To make it, you’ll always have to be one step ahead, solving puzzles and finding clues even in the most hopeless situations.

Even the walls in professor Manifesto's old lab have problems and hints. Maybe you'll need a lantern to see what's going on.

Here are some of the Mad Scientist escape room ideas that we managed to bring to life with this high tech live action quest:

Are you ready to stand up to the Mad Professor and beat him in his own game? Come to Quest Factor and see how good you are in a real scientific battle!