Quest Factor Escape Rooms- About Us

We wanted to formally introduce ourselves and let you know more about us. At Quest Factor, we offer premium live-action escape the room games with state of the art puzzles, compelling story lines, and movie-like ambiance of our rooms. With now three locations throughout the greater Seattle area, we have half a dozen escape rooms for you to dive into.

What sets us apart:

When we build our rooms, we take it beyond just “escaping the room within 60 minutes.” We create quests. Quests are hands-on, mind-bending, thrilling live-action games  that require you to successfully complete the challenge within the time limit by solving puzzles and following the story line. At Quest Factor, you’ll be stealing the Declaration of Independence, looking for the Holy Grail, robbing banks, and much more! 

Quest Factor founders pride themselves in bringing escape the room enthusiasts even more rooms this year. 

“Each project we do ourselves, so that each room is custom-built to fit the story line of the game,” said George Albantov, co-founder of Quest Factor. “We pay a lot of attention to detail and our customers know and appreciate that quality of work. This is the most rewarding for us – seeing smiles on every face after they’ve played our games. It’s priceless.”

Fun that’s hard to escape 😉

Escape the room games are the hottest trend in entertainment industry right now.  You get to spend a great bonding time with your friends/family, hosting a team-building event, and any other special occasion. Once the door’s locked behind you, you and your team have one hour to unravel the mystery of each story and puzzle your way through to “escape.”

It takes all kinds of creativity, mathematical skills, wits, and communication to solve the puzzles before the clocks runs out. So, even if you’re new to the scene or an experienced escape the room gamer, be prepared to be challenged and entertained.

On this page,  you’ll find out the latest about our newest escape rooms, franchise updates, game recaps, and much more.

Stay tuned!

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