Red Bull – Mind Gamers 2017 Budapest

Mission: Unlock Enoch is a global mind gaming tournament that combines online challenges with offline real-world events.

Players will need to prove their mind skills in a single-player online game in order to qualify for one of Red Bull Mind Gamers real-life qualifications, however, for those without a local qualifier in their area, an Online Wildcard Qualifier will invite the top four global players with the highest scores to the Escape Room World Finals in Budapest. The task of the challenge is to unlock a mysterious quantum computer called Enoch, that references the sci-fi movie DxM.

Players can qualify online for the Live Seattle Qualifier or the Online Wildcard Qualifier by visiting

Red Bull Mind Gamers is a global project that offers thought-provoking challenges of the mind. The aim of the project is to be the hub for people searching for challenges of the mind and bring together mind gamers of all levels, from puzzle solvers to Sudoku players, from scavenger hunters to casual gamers, to explore and experience mind games developed by the biggest brains in the industry.

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