What to Expect from Riddle Me Out Escape Rooms

Riddle me out escape rooms are the ones where you have to solve different puzzles and riddles to progress. They’re not like the story-based locked rooms, where the players often rely heavily on the host to guide them along the way. In riddle based locked rooms, even if the hosts are present, they’re often only in the room to provide new riddles for you to solve. This means that just when you’re about to think you’ve managed to break through, they’ll find some even more ridiculous and difficult task for you.

What to Choose: an Escape Game with or without a Host

Many experienced players say that the presence of the host is unnecessary, as they’re only there to aid the escapers when they’re lost. It may have been correct in the past, when the real life escape adventure genre wasn’t fully developed. However, nowadays things are entirely different. Here’s just a couple of things a good host can (and will) do:

  • Move the plot. It’s not fun if the story isn’t progressing, even when you do your best and solve all those difficult riddles. Talented live actors will make your escape adventure so much realistic by reacting on every significant action.
  • Provide new difficult puzzles. It’s called riddle me out escape room for a reason. Sometimes you’ll have to bargain with the guardian, or use special objects to make him listen to you. Other times, you’ll have to bring the objects you need to solve the puzzle directly to the character. Don’t forget that there’s a host around, or you’ll lose a lot of time.
  • Punish the players who try to cheat or rush too much. Basically, host can set up traps or make up rules on the go. Of course, it’s all part of the scenario – but still, you won’t know what to expect, and that’s why you’ll just have to be extra careful.
Team looking for clues

If you like escape rooms with highly competent hosts and great storylines, visit any of our escape location! Let’s see if this “riddle me out” concept works on you!