What is a role-playing quest?

Role-playing quest is a game in which participants take on roles and become characters in a story. The quest has a plot. For example, you all need to find treasures, to hide from pursuers or to save the world. Each participant has his own character and goals. You can become a cool professional spy, a great archaeologist, a daring pirate, a time traveler or a famous detective. All this you can do in the escape rooms.

Why is role-playing quest so cool?

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The success of an action is up to you! It will require an ability to persuade and negotiate; also you will need to be courageous and a bit cunning. Despite the fact that actions take place in the game space, you experience really strong emotions. It means that you will be filled with impressions and will learn something new about yourself that you didn’t know before.

Often after participating in such quests players decide to try something new in a real life. Let us say, to try yourself as a speaker after a successful public speaking in the game.

What are the advantages of role-playing quests over other types of leisure?

  • – This is an interactive action. You don’t just look at what is happening like in a movie, but you play one of the main roles.
  • – You actively communicate with other players to achieve your goals. Unlike escape rooms, where victory depends only on your quick eye and ingenuity, in role-playing quests you need something more, like charisma, the ability to improvise and negotiate.
  • – It is interesting to all participants, and no one “falls out” from the game process. The game is planned in such a way that players constantly involve each other in the act.
  • – New sensations. Have you ever been… a king? Or an intergalactic traveler? In role-playing quests, you will try on the “skin” of the most incredible characters.
  • – Learn new things about yourself. Often players discover new talents within themselves: persuasiveness, ability to manage people, speaker skills and even astuteness.

Role-playing quests of escape rooms in seattle are a great way to take a break from work and everyday routine This is a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues, friends and relatives more closely, and simply to have fun.