Get Away from Your Daily Routine with Horror Escape Rooms

Imagine opening the door and entering a place you’ve never been to yet. It looks like nothing you’ve encountered before. You are so immersed with the observation that you don’t even notice that the entrance locks behind your back. It doesn’t take much time to find out that the place has no other visible open exits. It seems like you got trapped in a room full of peculiar items and decorations.

Well, it’s not so bad. The interior looks promising, and you are positively sure that you’ll be able to spend the next couple of hours searching through the shelves and old crates. Then you hear a mysterious noise. You turn around, and you see… a vampire. You scream in horror, and he opens his eyes. You try to run away, knock on the door and call for help… But nobody answers your pleadings, and after a few seconds, you realize that the room is empty again. Then you hear a deep, dark voice that says: “You have one hour to midnight. Only one hour to find the key… Don’t waste your time, or the vampire will return… And bring his friends for a feast.”

What Happened? Where Are You?

As you might have already guessed, the beginning of the story that we described, in brief, is taken from a horror escape quest. Custom escape rooms are full of surprises, but when it comes to horror escape rooms, Seattle never falls short on quests filled with jump scares and unpredictable turns. They are undeniably popular among youth and older crowd alike. Also, with its scary escape rooms, Seattle manages to stay on top of US ratings for real-life quest studios.

Two young ladies try to figure out the right solution to the magical puzzle in a mystical escape room. They are dressed in black robes, so they need to think like witches to progress further.

There are numerous scary escape games in Seattle presented by studios and creative unions like Locurio Escape Rooms, Seattle Escape Games and Quest Factor. You can choose a scenario based on your favorite night scare movie or pick the scariest escape room that is devoted to your childhood fears. Yes, quests about escaping evil clowns are, apparently, a thing now.

Why Horror Escape Rooms?

There is a solid reason why there are so many scary escape rooms in Seattle. It is scientifically proved that experiencing fear and upcoming relief helps to deal with everyday stress. If you work at your maximum point throughout the week or study hard for college (parents, future career, your good…) it is advised to have at least one “shocking” experience in 7-10 days. It means that the scariest escape room will provide better results, but only if you don’t repeat this kind of entertainment too often.

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