Get Your Team Together and Win a Sci-Fi Escape Challenge

Get Your Team Together and Win a Sci-Fi Escape Challenge

Get Your Team Together and Win a Sci-Fi Escape Challenge

The second decade of the 21st century is ending soon, and humanity didn’t conquer space yet! You can blame the government, but we bet on the aliens. They probably don’t want to see us around, and that’s why Earth is still considered the only suitable planet for us, humans. So, in this situation, Earth is a locked room, and to progress, we all must escape…

Well, maybe we’ve gone a bit too far, but there’s nothing impossible when you enter a sci-fi themed escape room. Science fiction is well known for inventive concepts and original ideas. Now that the space dream is not so popular anymore, it may be hard to find brand new TV shows, books or movies that would try something different with the genre instead of following the same old patterns. Thankfully, there are escape rooms. They provide enough space for action, and while the story might not have so many layers as one of Asimov’s world-known masterpieces, you’re almost guaranteed to get an unexpected twist at the end.

Two players discuss how to stop the evil forces in a sci-fi escape quest.

Most Popular Sci-Fi Team Escape Adventures

When it comes to a science fiction story, some players assume they already know it all, since there’s not so much to work with anyway. Technology. Spaceships. Blasters. It’s all the same anyway.

Escape rooms are known for making concepts a bit simpler than they are. It is necessary as the story is just a background in a well-designed escape puzzle room. But with sci-fi rooms, there’s plenty of space for experiments (no pun intended). Herearejustsomeofthecommonthemes:

Of course, there are also alien invasion escape rooms, but they’re incredibly horror-based, so sci-fi fans are not always happy with them. If you want to conquer an escape room based on your favorite genre or story, visit us anytime at any of Quest Factor locations!