Space Escape Room Will Open the Secrets of the Cosmos

If you’ve played escape rooms before and got tired of the same old ghost scenarios, but still like solving puzzles and becoming the main hero of the thrilling adventures, try a space escape room. That’s how you get to experience something you’ve never been a part of before, and yet all your favorite parts of escape games are here. Puzzles? Check. Weird, unpredictable scenarios? Check. Unexpected jump scares? …Yeah, sometimes you get plenty of these, too. You know, even though you’re supposed to be in an outer space.

What to Expect from a Space Escape Room

It’s pretty surprising, actually, that even some of the most experienced escapers claim to never have been to a single space escape room. The only logical explanation seems to be the overall absence of these rooms, as it’s so much easier to create a semi-believable haunted mansion than to design a space escape room that won’t remind you of 80’s space-themed bars and night clubs.

Yet, if done right, space escape game can become the most memorable adventure both for new and experienced players. Here are the reasons why:

  • The story feels unique and very different. Space themes are not so popular these years, so there are less movies and books on traveling through the universe in a space ship. In a space escape room, you get to become a member of the crew lost in the outer space: that’s not a situation you get to role play anywhere else.
  • Environment is not bound by any rules. It’s outer space, so practically anything can happen. This makes the space escape games different from classic escape rooms or ghost scenarios. This comes to play the most when the creators use technology for the puzzles: even something simple, like lasers, can make you immediately feel like the main hero of a sci-fi adventure.
  • The main threat may vary drastically. Space escape room is an adventure that’s full of surprises. You may think that your space ship is just broken, but then it turns out that’s actually a group of aliens messing around. Or you thought that the main problem to deal with is a space criminal you were transporting through the galaxy, but your ship was caught in an asteroid cloud, and now you need to rely on the said criminal in order to repair the main systems. It’s good to avoid spoilers, as space escape rooms often have unexpected twists somewhere along the storyline.

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