How to Make Thanksgiving Memorable

Everybody has different opinions on Thanksgiving Day. Some people love it, as it brings the whole family together. Others passive-aggressively hate it for the very same reason. You may have encountered siblings that are indifferent to the entire concept, but only until it’s time to cut the turkey. Anyway, the only way to completely avoid Thanksgiving Day is by hiding in a lonely shack somewhere out in the woods. And even in this case, you cannot be sure that forester won’t come over for the celebration dinner.

The atmosphere is pretty concentrated, and while it’s fun, we understand if you want to escape out of all these preparations, food talks and family problems. The thing is, you don’t even need to leave your family behind – take them along! Yes, you are right; we are talking about challenge escape rooms again.

Visiting Brain Challenge Escape Rooms on Thanksgiving with Family and Friends

Thanksgiving Day is the holiday when we show how grateful we are for everything we managed to achieve through hard work and determination. Of course, our ancestors were on a more exciting quest than “prepare for college and find the right job,” but we at Quest Factor believe that daily life requires regular heroic feats that come unnoticed because of how busy everyone is. When you are out for an escape quest on Thanksgiving Day, you deliberately put yourself in the situation where your whole team is stripped from every advantage. You have to work to get to the top again – now with complicated puzzles and a timer set for a single hour.

This escape room looks cute and childish, but don’t let the décor fool you. There are many complicated puzzles to be solved, so don’t waste your time!

Once you are in, the team needs to do many things at once:

  • Organize the existing resources. For now, it is your intellectual power. You need to manage it right and devote it to many different tasks at once if you want to win the game.
  • Find new valuable resources and figure out a way to use them. There are plenty of interactive objects and tools in every Quest Factor escape room. You need to understand which items require your attention and separate them from the old stuff that lies there to mess with you.
  • Keep an eye on clues. Many puzzles cannot be solved just with a critical object. You need to explore the area, find hints and figure out a way to make them useful.

Master all of these tasks, and you’re out! Aren’t you grateful for what you’ve managed to achieve? Congratulations on Thanksgiving Day! And remember: it is okay if you don’t know what to expect in an escape room. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a challenge!