The Real Escape: Canadian Escape Room Studio

Have you ever heard of The Real Escape? It’s an entertainment company located in Canada, Winnipeg. While the guys aren’t famous all over the world yet, locally they’ve already gathered love and recognition with their highly detailed escape rooms.

The Real Escape Quest Rooms

The studio focuses on producing rooms that make the players feel like a part of thematic adventure. It’s not achieved by storyline, as it is often minimalistic. Instead, all the energy and talent are put in creating realistic surroundings so that the brain could do all the necessary story work by itself. The only room that steps away from this theme is “The Castle” that has some fantasy vibe to it, but even this one is filled with historically accurate elements and details.

There are eight different thematic rooms in The Real Escape already, and the creators keep on working to produce new ones every once in a while. It may be hard to pick where to start if you’re a first-timer, so we’ve gathered information about several Real Escape adventures with the best reviews from the players.

The Real Escape Spaceship

You were sleeping peacefully on your way to faraway stars, but suddenly the hypersleep was broken as the ship caught an emergency signal. Seems like some passing vehicle is in trouble, and it is your duty to come to the rescue. Sadly, it turns out there’s no one to save anymore, as the alien species took control over that passing spaceship and killed everybody on board. Or maybe there’s still someone left alive? It’s up to you to find and save them, and to make sure that the horrible space creature is no more.

This room is extremely popular because of its design. The spaceship is fun to observe, with all those buttons, control panels and white elements. But the looks aren’t everything: quest produces some original puzzle mechanics, and also gives quite a few jump scares. So come prepared to be constantly surprised!

Spaceship escape room in Canada

The Real Escape Abandoned Station

An evil genius called The Puzzler really seems to enjoy making the life difficult for others. But now you’ve finally found his hiding place, so you can stop him once and for all! Or… maybe he’s just playing with your team as with all the other victims? Go through the series of complicated puzzles in a highly interactive subway environment to learn the truth!

This is one of the most authentic puzzle room experiences we’ve ever seen, as the abandoned station is extremely realistic. It’s also a great pleasure to explore, as practically every element of the surroundings is somehow useful for the main quest. 
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