Escape Asgard and Help Thor Defeat the Giants

So many escape rooms out there are based on putting the player in a horrifying situation. Sure, that gives the emotional boost that motivates you to get out of the locked space as fast as you can. But sometimes you need something more than that. Escape quests can help not only to train your brain but also have fun with your friends and deal with extraordinary situations. With the right escape room décor, you can experience everything. Escape quests are also great for the real escape: from chores, repetitiveness, the same landscapes and daily routine. And if you can go to any place you could, would you choose an existing country – or a fantasy land where any adventures can happen?

Today we invite you to take a trip to the perfect city of Asgard where the almighty Germanic gods lead their reign. We want to tell you that your journey will be calm and pleasant, but maybe you’ll have time to observe sights later. Now you are here to help Thor find his legendary weapon, and you’ve got to do it in an hour – or the glorious land turns to ruins, and the world comes to an end!

Aid Thor in This Legendary Escape Quest

For many years the ferocious and rageful giant Hrungnir did not dare to set foot on the lands of Midgard. He knew Thor protected the folk of Asgard, and when the god of thunder used his mighty weapon, Hammer Mjölnir, nobody stood a chance – not even the giants. But now the perfect weapon is gone. Loki is the one to blame: the infamous trickster hid it in Asgard. He admits it loud and clear, but won’t do anything to aid you in your quest. Or maybe he’ll have a change of heart if you entertain him well?

You might not have a chance to think on whether to trust Loki: Thor is fighting Hrugnir for three days already, and he’s getting tires. The giant called his brothers to help defeat Thor, and if something unexpected won’t happen, the peaceful people of Midgard will be left with no defense at all!

Asgard is a city that is created by gods, and for gods. But if you take part in Thor escape quest, you can travel to Asgard and discover the secrets of this holy place!

Step in for an epic adventure! Enter Thor’s realm and beat Loki in his own game! Here’s what to expect:

  • Immersive escape quest based on a popular Germanic myth. You and your team will become the main heroes of the new Thor movie – and it’s up to you to decide how the journey ends!
  • Highly detailed mythological decorations and designs. Artistic escape room décor will bring you to the other realm! Discover Asgard and see the divine Hammer Mjölnir with your own eyes!
  • Fully interactive environment. You never know where the most important clue might hide, so make sure to check every corner!
  • Realistic sounds and special effects. Get lost in the fantasy realm of Germanic gods!

The portal to Asgard is currently located at Quest Factor’s lobby in Redmond. Don’t forget to bring along friends or family: you need all the help you can get!