Common Horror Escape Rooms: What Makes Them Popular

Horror quests are perfect for dealing with pressure after an intense week. Just let yourself go and test your ability to find a solution in extreme circumstances: you might find out there is a hidden power source in you after all! Talented live actors and hosts help to create the mood, but their presence or absence doesn’t determine whether it’ll be a scary escape quest or not. With horror escape rooms, the most important thing is setting: if decorations are convincing enough, and the special effects are well-coordinated, you’ll be tagged in the story from the very first minutes.

The best horror escape rooms combine the right setting and a strong story to back it up. We’ve researched the most popular horror escape quest scenarios so that you could choose the scariest adventure for your weekend.

Maniac Escape Rooms

These are a bit weird, as there are not so many people that are fond of the idea of being chased by a maniac. Once they try a scary escape quest with a madman as the main threat, the players get so excited that this theme becomes their favorite at least for a couple of months.

What makes these rooms so appealing is the fact that it’s straightforward to relate to being chased, even if the maniac doesn’t remind a person you could meet in real life, even a little bit. There’s a lot to choose from: * Maniacs with mysterious powers. Think Dracula, or a murderous ghost, or just a guy with killing intent who – unfortunately for you – can make creepy things happen in the room he locked you in.

  • Realistic maniacs. They don’t have to be unique to be threatening: they’re just incredibly smart, and they’re coming after you.
  • Pop culture maniacs. Yes, you watched “The Saw” in childhood and you know it’s not real. It won’t make things any less scary once you’re inside the horror adventure.

Mysterious Places

Haunted houses are fan favorite; they’re especially popular on Halloween, and they’re also the best if you’re visiting an escape room for the first time. It’s hard to play cool when the furniture in the house moves on its own accord, creepy shadows appear without any provocation, and scary noises keep closer as you progress, reminding about the timer.

Hidden Cult Lobbies

These are not very easy to find, as many players consider cult horror escape quests just a bit too scary. And that’s pretty understandable: the tone is much darker, the decorations look threatening on their own (so you might hesitate a little before exploring every corner of the room), and you have no idea on what’s going to happen, because it can be literally anything, including imprisonment or a creepy cult session.

Did your favorite horror escape room type make it to the list? Feel free to share your opinion in comments below! And don’t forget to visit us in Redmond, Shoreline or Seattle: we’ve got lots of surprises prepared for all the horror fans out there!